Impacts of dynamic LED lighting on the well-being and experience of office occupants



This paper investigates the impact of dynamic LED lighting on office occupants' health, well-being, and experience, finding that dynamic lighting can increase alertness and marginally improve mood, but may decrease perceived sleep quality and sleep time.


  • Alertness and performance: The paper finds that dynamic lighting can significantly increase alertness in office workers, particularly in the afternoon.
  • Sleep and insomnia: The study observes a significant decrease in perceived sleep quality and sleep time when subjects are exposed to dynamic lighting.
  • Mood regulation: The research notes a marginal benefit to mood when office workers are exposed to dynamic lighting.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention: The paper discusses the potential for dynamic lighting to improve job satisfaction by improving environmental conditions, but does not find significant differences in satisfaction or perceived naturalness between dynamic and static lighting conditions.
  • Lighting Design Considerations: The study explores the design and implementation of a dynamic lighting system in an office environment, including the use of an advanced lighting controller and LED luminaires that can vary both illuminance and color temperature.


R Zhang, C Campanella, S Aristizabal
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