Innerscene’s Virtual Sun shines into an apartment, making it look like it is on the top floor.

Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere.

Experience the Virtual Sun, our human-centric artificial skylight.

Virtual Sun

Infinite Sun. Infinite Well-being.

Circadian Sky

Color Beyond Limits. Sky Reimagined.

Infinite Depth, Unbelievable Reality

Experience the unbelievable with Virtual Sun. Transforming spaces with the magic of authentic sunlight, it enhances your perception, making spaces feel bigger and wider.

Illuminating wellness

A young woman enjoying a cup of tea while soaking up the afternoon sun glow from Innerscene’s Virtual Sun light fixture.

Enhance your mood and well-being

Immerse in the wellness revolution with lighting that supports your circadian rhythm and offers full-spectrum light.

The artificial skylight from Innerscene is placed over a shared lunch area at an office.

Power sales and performance

Elevate your workspace with artificial skylights, experience enhanced wellness and increased performance and productivity

The patented technology of the infinity sun by Innerscene brings the outside sunshine into any room, anywhere, anytime.

Experience outdoor sunshine indoors

Bask in the warmth of indoor artificial sunlight, transforming any space into a sunlit haven, free from harmful UV rays and energy-efficient.

Immersive experience

Innerscene Virtual Sun A7 displayed in calm home office space

Circadian rhythm modes

Supporting the natural and local circadian rhythm can significantly improve sleep quality, mood, and overall health, making this a standout feature.

Patented Infinity Sun technology

The sun appears at an infinite distance, creating a realistic and immersive experience that enhances the comfort and appeal of any space - no matter how many fixtures are joined together.

Versatile installation & integration

The slim design allows easy installation or retrofitting in any ceiling or wall, making it a versatile solution for new construction and remodeling projects.

UV-free & energy efficiency

Enjoy the full spectrum of natural light indoors, free from harmful UV rays, in a safe and healthy environment. Benefit from the sustainable energy-efficient LED technology that reduces energy costs compared to traditional skylights.

What our customers say

Innerscene testimonial by Marion Kapellas, Spa Manager at AMAN at the Connaught (UK)

Marion Kapellas

Spa Manager at AMAN at the Connaught

United Kingdom

Most of our guests think we have windows, and it is a natural light. It creates a very nice environment and boosts you for your workout. The space also looks much bigger.

Innerscene testimonial by Doctor Alex Lee, Home Owner & Anesthesiologist (US)

Doctor Alex Lee

Home Owner & Anesthesiologist

United States of America

I’m an anesthesiologist, and I’m in a big windowless room for 12 hours a day sometimes. I think about it all the time, I wish I had one of these in the operating room. It would make things so much easier and much more pleasant. It would be great for patients getting chemotherapy and children waiting for their MRI and radiation oncology. These could significantly help improve the environment and the outcomes.

Innerscene testimonial by Carlo Fantana, Hotel Owner (CH)

Carlo Fontana

Hotel Owner


The President of Switzerland was especially impressed with our Virtual Sun.
[The first Virtual Sun installation in Switzerland]

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