Innerscene’s Virtual Sun shines into an apartment, making it look like it is on the top floor.

Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere.

Experience the Virtual Sun, our human-centric virtual skylight.

Virtual Sun

Infinite Sun. Infinite Well-being.

Circadian Sky

Color Beyond Limits. Sky Reimagined.

Infinite Depth, Unbelievable Reality

Experience Virtual Sun: It transforms spaces with sunlight's authenticity, enhancing perception and making areas feel broader and more open, with UV-free, natural light replication for indoor settings.

Illuminating wellness

Discover the Impact: Celebrating Exceptional Lighting Transformations


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Apple Campus in Cupertino California preview image

Apple Campus - Cupertino

Boosting well-being and productivity at Apple Campus with Innerscene's lighting.


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Minotti London UK preview image

Minotti Showroom - London

Minotti London’s display, lit by Innerscene’s Virtual Sun, melds Italian luxury with the brilliance of daylighting.


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Monterey Comprehensive Cancer Center in Monterey California illuminating a hospital preview image

Cancer Center - Monterey

Monterey Comprehensive Cancer Center’s hallways glow with the soft, nurturing light of Virtual Sun units.

Innerscene Health Impacts

Innerscene Health Impacts

Innerscene features natural-looking, wide-spectrum blue skies during the day for a high melanopic response, and low blue light resembling sunset in the evening and at night, benefiting human health in various ways:

  • Circadian Rhythm Support : Regulates sleep patterns and well-being.

  • Mood Enhancement : Reduces depression and SAD symptoms.

  • Patient Recovery : Promotes healing in healthcare settings.

  • Productivity Boost : Enhances employee satisfaction and performance.

Immersive experience

Innerscene Virtual Sun displayed in calm home office space

TRUSKY™ Spectral Technology

Utilizing a multi chip platform, Innerscene products can significantly improve sleep quality, healing, productivity, mood and overall health by recreating color connections just as we have in nature.

Patented Infinite Depth Technology

True to nature, our Virtual Sun appears at infinity, creating an innate connection to the outdoors and a view of the sun 90 million miles away.

Versatile installation and integration

Slim, installer friendly design allows for easy installation in multiple applications, making for a versatile solution for new and adaptive reuse projects.

UV-free & energy efficiency

Enjoy the full spectrum of natural light indoors, free from harmful UV rays, in a safe and healthy environment. Benefit from the sustainable energy-efficient LED technology that reduces energy costs compared to traditional skylights.

Innerscene Event Highlights


Light! Design Expo 2024

We’re excited to showcase Innerscene’s latest in architectural lighting at Pier 27, San Francisco, on June 20.
Leducation 2024 in New York | Innerscene

Innerscene at LEDucation 2024

We had a fantastic time showcasing our human-centric virtual skylights to nearly 11,000 attendees at LEDucation 2024 in New York. We’re already looking forward to what LEDucation 2025 will bring!
The 2023 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in New Orleas

Healthcare Design Conference + Expo 2023

We were thrilled to present our Circadian Sky and Virtual Sun at the Healthcare Design Conference in New Orleans.

What our customers say

Innerscene testimonial by Marion Kapellas, Spa Manager at AMAN at the Connaught (UK)

Marion Kapellas

Spa Manager at AMAN at the Connaught

United Kingdom

Most of our guests think we have windows, and it is a natural light. It creates a very nice environment and boosts you for your workout. The space also looks much bigger.

Innerscene testimonial by Doctor Alex Lee, Home Owner & Anesthesiologist (US)

Doctor Alex Lee

Home Owner & Anesthesiologist

United States of America

I’m an anesthesiologist, and I’m in a big windowless room for 12 hours a day sometimes. I think about it all the time, I wish I had one of these in the operating room. It would make things so much easier and much more pleasant. It would be great for patients getting chemotherapy and children waiting for their MRI and radiation oncology. These could significantly help improve the environment and the outcomes.

Innerscene testimonial by Carlo Fantana, Hotel Owner (CH)

Carlo Fontana

Hotel Owner


The President of Switzerland was especially impressed with our Virtual Sun.
[The first Virtual Sun installation in Switzerland]

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