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Innerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere control the scene

Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere

Innerscene's artificial skylight sets a new benchmark for virtual skylights around the world. Creating the appearance of sunshine, anytime or anywhere, Innerscene's award-winning and unique light source offers widespread opportunity, bringing ultra-realistic virtual sky and sun into interior spaces that may not have access to windows.

Installed into walls or ceilings, Innerscene's virtual skylight provides a realistic 3D view of a distant sun or moon and its surrounding sky.
Innerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere including lobby near elevators
Innerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere kitchen daylight atmos scene

Boosts Mental Wellbeing

Innerscene's Virtual Sun offers architects, designers, and facility managers an innovative way of providing occupants with their natural circadian rhythm in a setting that has no access to natural sunlight.

Whether it be an office, educational, or healthcare environment, a visual connection to nature and sunlight is one of the most sought after features of any building. Innerscene's Virtual Sun provides a captivating view of the sun throughout the day with the optimum amount of sunlight in any space you'd like to illuminate. At night, the virtual skylight provides you with a mesmerising moonlit sky to help you naturally fall asleep in tune with your circadian rhythm.

  • Simulates sunset colors and helps maintain a natural circadian rhythm.
  • Reproduces sky colors and sun intensities for any time of day or world location.
  • At night, a distant moon illuminates the room with soft moonlight.

Innerscene's Virtual Sun skylight can transform enclosed office spaces, by restoring access to natural light a simulation of open skies.
Innerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere including in offices


Innerscene's Virtual Sun skylight can transform enclosed office spaces, by restoring access to natural light a simulation of open skies.
Innerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere including in healthcare institutions


Our virtual skylights provide a visual connection to nature, which is one of the most effective ways to relax and provide comfort to patients. Virtual Sun can be used in both ceiling and wall panels for a variety of healthcare areas such as Radiology & X-Ray Rooms, Chemotheropy & Dialysis Treament Centers, Dental Practices, Consulting, Waiting Rooms, and many more.
Innerscene  -Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere including in educational institutions


Virtual Sun provides access to daylight to isolated classrooms and closed off spaces. A visual connection to natural light improves educational performance and focus throughout a school day.

Amazing Visual Experience

  • Looks like a real window with infinite depth
  • Creates a sense of vast space above you
  • Cast sunbeams onto the floor and walls
nnerscene - Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere including in showroom common areas


Developed by an expert team of optical, mechanical, software and manufacturing engineers, this unique artificial skylight combines hundreds of LEDs that are specifically tuned to replicate the full visible spectrum of natural light, without the harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays.

According to a Harvard study, "The #1 Office perk is natural light". The Future Workplace Employee Experience Study found 78% of employees say access to natural light and views improves their wellbeing and 70% report improved work performance. A Pacific Gas & Electric study found that sales in sky-lit stores were 40% higher.


Typically installed in a ceiling or a wall during a new construction or remodelling project. At just 10"/24cm deep, the Virtual Sun is one of the slimmest on the market allowing it be easily retrofitted. Its clever design enables the sun to appear at true infinity ensuring every occupant only sees one sun, no matter how many fixtures are joined together.

  • Easily installed by local builder/contractor
  • Options for flush & regressed look


  • Dynamically changes the intensity and color of rooms to make you feel connected to the outdoors
  • Switch between manual control and a programmed 24-hour schedule
  • Circadian Rhythm mode follows the sunrise and sunset based on your location
  • Soft moonlight provides low level illumination at night

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