Circadian Sky

Innerscene Circadian Sky product packshot, facing front

Circadian Sky provides the mesmerizing appearance of infinite clear blue and sunset skies while mimicking the appearance of a double pane window, creating multiple surface reflections while preserving privacy. Circadian Sky leads the industry in Melanopic Ratio, color temperature range, color accuracy, CRI. Circadian Sky is clear choice for meeting multiple WELL Building Standards. Built-in controls dynamically adjust color temperature and intensity to match our bodies needs for high and low EML (Equivelant Melanopic Lux) throughout the day.


  • Size options: 1x2', 1x4', 2x2', 2x4', 18x48" Only 3.3" deep
  • Industry leading Melanopic Ratios: 0.4 - 1.6
  • Color temperature: 2,200 - 40,000k
  • CRI: 92+, <1 MacAdam Ellipse, <= 0.003 Duv (all CCTs)
  • Double reflective glass with paintable seamless trim
  • Zone Wireless sync. Dual 0-10V, DMX, DALI, Casambi
  • Lumens: up to 4,800 lm
  • Integrated Power over supply
  • 40kHz Flicker-free dimming
  • Warranty: 5 years, LM70 > 100,000 hours
  • UL 1598 compliant, TÜV certified
Innerscene Circadian Sky product specification diagram

Illuminating Healthcare Spaces for Healing and Wellbeing

An advanced lighting system aligning indoor spaces with natural rhythms. Precisely mimicking daylight, enhancing sleep, mood, cognition,alertness, and wellness for healthcare settings.

Dual-Reflection Technology
Creates depth and distant focal points

Circadian Sky replicates a dual-pane window inducing a secondary reflection, a feature pulled from natural glazing, to enhance depth and spatial perception.

Precisely Calibrated Color
Accurately follows Daylight locus

Circadian Sky, with its unparalleled color temperature range of 2,200k to 40,000k, can emulate a deep blue sky and create diverse moods. Warm light fosters comfort, while cool light enhances clarity and alertness.


Illuminating wellness

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Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Apple Campus in Cupertino California preview image

Apple Campus - Cupertino

Boosting well-being and productivity at Apple Campus with Innerscene's lighting.


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Minotti London UK preview image

Minotti Showroom - London

Minotti London’s display, lit by Innerscene’s Virtual Sun, melds Italian luxury with the brilliance of daylighting.


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study at Monterey Comprehensive Cancer Center in Monterey California illuminating a hospital preview image

Cancer Center - Monterey

Monterey Comprehensive Cancer Center’s hallways glow with the soft, nurturing light of Virtual Sun units.

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