Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. 1. Template - Select a template you want to use based on the type of space that you are designing.
  2. 2. Wireless Group - Innersene provides one "Primary" fixture for each zone which is wired to external 0-10V/DMX/Dali. All other fixtures in the same zone will automatically mirror the Primary fixture's settings
  3. 3. Idle Resume - Select the length of time you want your schedule to resume when no changes are detected from the dimmer or mobile app. If a dimmer change is detected, manual control will be enabled until the specified time has elapsed again.
  4. 4. Power On State - Select the state in which you would like the light fixtures to turn on, when power is applied. If last CCT is selected the fixture will resume the CCT setting. If Last Dim is selected, the fixture will resume the last dimming level.
  5. 5. Schedule Days - Select the days of the week for which this schedule applies.
  6. 6. Time Relative To - Select whether you want to follow the local sun schedule (Sunrise) or what to set it to turn on and off at specific times (Clock)
  7. 7. Timezone / Longitude & Latitude - For clock based schedules select the timezone for your project, for solar based schedules select the latitude and longitude
  8. 8. Select Create to generate your lighting controls schedule.