Discover Circadian Sunshine across diverse spaces

Experience the interplay of inspiration and wellness across diverse spaces. Uncover our human-centric lighting solutions that transform living, working, and healing environments with the power of Circadian rhythm and our Infinity Sun.



Envision a home aglow with the calming warmth of a sunset or the energizing brilliance of a sunrise. Experience the transformative power of artificial skylights, fostering relaxation, boosting mood, and promoting restful sleep in every corner of your dwelling. Create a haven of comfort and wellness under the enchanting spell of illumination.



Step into a learning environment where the vibrant glow of artificial skylights stimulates the mind, enhancing focus and sparking creativity. Feel the impact of illumination that mimics the refreshing brilliance of daylight and sunshine, enriching the journey of knowledge. Create an arena of academic excellence and innovation, all under the captivating spectrum of light.



Step into a hospitality space where the gentle ebb and flow of Circadian Sunshine creates a harmonious environment. In the infinite radiance of our artificial sun, each guest experience is enriched, fostering a comforting sense of home away from home. Create an inviting and delightful atmosphere, perfectly synchronized with the natural rhythms of the day, paving the way for truly unforgettable hospitality encounters.



Imagine an office bathed in the radiant glow of a virtual sky. Where the soft ripple of daylight fosters inspiration, creativity, and focus. Where wellness and productivity harmoniously intertwine under the canopy of an artificial skylight. Experience the transformative power of light in creating healthier, more vibrant workspaces.



Picture a healthcare and senior living environment bathed in the comforting embrace of natural light. Witness how artificial illumination can create a soothing atmosphere, promoting healing and encouraging rest. Experience the nurturing power of light, fostering a sense of wellbeing and tranquility in every corner of your facility. Craft a sanctuary of comfort and health with the gentle touch of light.



Navigate through a retail space where the strategic play of cicadian light showcases the allure of each product. Experience the transformative power of illumination by our Infinity Sun, enhancing the shopping experience, and enticing customers to explore. Generate an inviting and vibrant atmosphere under the mesmerizing charm of light, shaping the pathway to a successful retail journey.


Public spaces

Imagine entering a public space, such as a museum, where the luminescence of artificial skylights paints each detail in vivid clarity. Under the endless glow of our artificial infinity sun, spaces transform into immersive platforms for interaction and discovery. Craft environments that inspire and connect, all under the encompassing brilliance of light.

Case Study


The Connaught Hotel's underground spa

Innerscene installation case study cool lighting above exercise machines at Aman Spa The Connaught Hotel LondonInnerscene installation case study warm lighting above exercise machines at Aman Spa The Connaught Hotel London

Discover how Innerscene's Virtual Sun transformed the Aman Spa at The Connaught Hotel, London. Nestled two floors below ground, this high-end gym facility now basks in our artificial skylight's natural-feeling light, enhancing the workout experience and creating an illusion of a sunlit space.

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