Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study with the acclaimed British singer, songwriter, and record producer John Newman sitting in his studio with guitars, speakers, and other musical equipment

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John Newman's Studio

John Newman's Transformation with Innerscene's Virtual Sun

In the creative professions, the working environment is a critical factor that can significantly influence productivity and well-being. John Newman, a renowned British singer, songwriter, and producer, faced challenges common to many in the music industry: working in a soundproof studio that lacked natural light. This case study explores how Innerscene's Virtual Sun has revolutionized his workspace and directly enhanced his creative output and mental health.

John Newman's Challenge

John's recording studio, designed for perfect acoustics, functioned as a "soundproofed box," inherently devoid of natural light. This setup posed a severe challenge, as John found the absence of daylight particularly stifling, affecting his mood and creativity. He noted the struggle with seasonal mood variations and the general gloom of dark days, which conflicted with his goal to produce uplifting and energetic music.
John Newman's studio before Innerscene's Virtual Sun installation
John Newman sitting in his studio after Innerscene's Virtual Sun installation

Solution: Innerscene's Virtual Sun Installation

Recognizing the need for a change, John sought a solution that could bring the benefits of natural sunlight into his restrictive environment without compromising the studio's sound integrity. Innerscene's Virtual Sun offered just that.

Features and Benefits

  • High CCT and EML Lighting: The Virtual Sun's tunable color temperature range from 3,200K to 40,000K allows for the simulation of various daylight conditions, providing the benefits of high CCT and EML lighting, which studies have shown can positively impact mood, alertness, and productivity.
  • Circadian Rhythm Regulation: The Virtual Sun offers Seasonal Circadian and Fixed Circadian modes, helping to regulate the body's natural circadian rhythms. Research suggests that aligning environmental lighting with the body's internal clock can lead to improved sleep quality, mood, and overall well-being.
  • Infinite Depth Simulation: The Virtual Sun's patented infinity sun feature creates a realistic illusion of an infinite-depth window, making the room appear larger and more open, potentially reducing feelings of confinement and claustrophobia common in windowless environments like recording studios.
  • UV-Free Sunbeams: The Virtual Sun projects UV-free sunbeams, providing a genuine indoor sunlight experience without the harmful effects of UV radiation, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for John Newman and his collaborators.
  • Easy Installation and Integration: The Virtual Sun's compatibility with various lighting controls and optional accessories for different ceiling types demonstrates its versatility and ease of installation, allowing for seamless integration into professional environments like John Newman's studio.
"As soon as the unit was fitted, I felt instant release and great energy. It's such an amazing feature that I can look up and see the sun... I've got Sun every day all day."

Broader Implications

John Newman's experience with Innerscene's Virtual Sun is not just a personal success story but a beacon for similar adaptations in various professional settings:
  • Music and Audio Production: Other producers and songwriters working in similar soundproof settings can benefit significantly from this technology.
  • Home Offices and Remote Workspaces: With the increase in remote working, this technology can improve work-from-home setups, particularly in spaces with limited access to natural light.
  • Healthcare and Therapy Rooms: Facilities that require controlled environments can also utilize this technology to enhance patient care and staff well-being.
Innerscene's Virtual Sun has transformed John Newman's studio into a source of perpetual daylight, fundamentally enhancing his mood and boosting his creative potential. This case study illustrates the critical role of environmental factors in creative industries and highlights how innovative solutions like Innerscene's Virtual Sun can mitigate the challenges posed by necessary, yet restrictive, professional environments.
For more insights and detailed research on the benefits of advanced lighting solutions, visit Innerscene's Research Center.


Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study with the acclaimed British singer, songwriter, and record producer John Newman sitting in his studio with guitars, speakers, and other musical equipment
Innerscene Virtual Sun installation case study in John Newman studio with a pink neon sign and music production equipment
Isolated photo of Innerscene Virtual Sun installated in John Newman studio

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