An Overview of Recent Findings on the Effect of Light on Circulation Rhythms



This paper provides an overview of recent findings on the effect of light on circadian rhythms, discussing the neuroscience behind light's impact on human physiology and the implications for building services engineering and environmental design.


  • Cognitive function and memory: The paper discusses the role of light in entraining human circadian rhythms, which has implications for cognitive function and memory.
  • Sleep and insomnia: The paper explores how exposure to bright light during the day and avoiding light at night can contribute to the healthy functioning of the circadian system, which is crucial for sleep regulation.
  • Lighting Design Considerations: The paper discusses the emergence of 'circadian lighting' and its implications for the environmental design of buildings, including new metrics and standards.
  • Well-being: The paper discusses the broader implications of light's impact on circadian rhythms for everyday well-being, including lower rates of certain diseases and improved sleep quality.
  • Hormone regulation: The paper discusses the role of light in regulating the production of melatonin, a hormone produced at night-time that is crucial for sleep and circadian rhythms.


B Ransley
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