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INNERSCENE was founded with the goal of creating a wall mountable 3D display so realistic they could be used as substitutes for physical windows. These windows would allow us to view real and fantastical worlds through what appeared to be a portal in the wall or ceiling. An expert team of optical, mechanical, software, and manufacturing engineers was assembled to tackle this problem and several years of intense research and development commenced.

After dozens of prototypes and numerous patents filed, INNERSCENE is launching its first product, Innerscene Virtual Sun, in 2017. Innerscene Virtual Sun is a virtual skylight that can be installed in a wall or ceiling and provides a realistic 3D view of a distant sun or moon and its surrounding sky. Beyond its pure beauty and power to amaze, Innerscene Virtual Sun also functions to provide natural looking light to interior and underground rooms without access to windows.

Innerscene team member - Samia Rahmani, CRO
Samia Rahmani
Innerscene team member - Jeff Parker, Senior Advisor
Jeff Parker
Senior Advisor
Innerscene team member - Michael Gisser, Senior Adviser
Michael Gisser
Senior Adviser
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